Do You Need an IT Partner?

We provide Professional and enterprise solutions.

Our diverse expertise gives us the edge.

A Few Words About Us

We are an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company and we provide professional and enterprise solutions to both Corporate and Government sectors.

Our diverse expertise in the ICT industry gives us the edge that enables us to identify the right partners and alliances to engage and work with, to realise our objectives.


  • - Telecommunications equipment.
  • - Telecommunication mast.
  • - GSM indoor coverage systems.
  • - Fibre Floating.
  • - Trenching for fibre.

Network Services

  • - Network infrastructure planning.
  • - Transmission planning.
  • - Mobile network cell planning.
  • - Mobile network optimization.
  • - Wifi Network Installation.

Information Technology

  • - Supply of IT equipment.
  • - Assembling of computers.
  • - Supply of IT consumables.
  • - LAN and WAN cabling.
  • - Support and maintenance.

Our commitment to the customer is to offer innovative solutions of the best quality to exceed customers’ expectations.